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Your AS Energy Master

The AS EnergyMaster offers many features:

  • Manage and use different clean and safe energy sources in the most efficient way
  • Fully automatic, reliable control
  • Safe comfortably and earn money
  • Easy, space saving installation
  • Result of extensive experience and innovativeness   


Decrease you energy costs with the sun. With regard to continuously rising energy costs, more and more companies, communal institutions and especially private households have decided to produce their own electricity with the help of the sun – clean, clever, cost-efficient. 

An own solar system thereby run fully automatic. Thanks to the AS EnergyMaster! The small, multifunctional all-rounder controls all required processes in the optimal and most efficient way and hence ensures comfortable money making. 

Different deviceswill be connected with each other in a way that a regular, automatic data exchange takes place. Therefore, the own-consumption of solar energy will be increased significantly. Via the internet, you can monitor all processes reliably and on a sustained basis.

A photovoltaic plant can be nowadays be installed on almost every roof, run maintenance free and already pays off after a short period of time. By now, solar electricity can be produced for about 13 Cent per kilowatt hour. The own energy management thereby works far below the prices of the big energy providers.

Optimal own-consumption

AS EnergyMaster SchemaThe AS EnergyMaster is the perfect all-round solution for monitoring and control of a photovoltaic plant, small wind power stations and other producers of renewable energy.


Thanks to manifold interfaces, the AS EnergyMaster possesses extensive connection possibilities for inverters, energy meters, ripple control receivers and sensors such as for instance solar and temperature sensors.




Interfaces of the AS EnergyMaster:

as energymaster gespiegelt 1024

3 x RS485
1 x CAN
8 digital inputs
8 analog inputs
2 x USB
2 digital outputs
2 x 230V relays
Feed-in management
optional M-Bus
optional GPRS


In addition to the feed-in management, the AS EnergyMaster is able to use the 70% performance limit as well as the 0% regulation, which is necessary for everyone whose systems are not allowed to feed the energy into the grid. In the near future, this important control element will be sustainably proofed with a manufacturer certificate. Optimization of self-consumption and recording of the performance reduction are possible.

“We can comfortably relax in our garden. The AS EnergyMaster optimally controls and monitors our PV- and solar thermal system and we don’t have to do anything. Therefore we save a lot of money and hassle.”
José Garcia and his wife Claudia are delighted.

It's so easy

madrid-2012 1 1024With the AS EnergyMaster you can control consumers, battery storages, heat pumps and heating cartridges in order to maximize your own-consumption.

Therefore you simply create rules, which switch relays or network sockets depending on energy producers, energy consumption, sun radiation or temperature. With each AS EnergyMaster, more than 150 inverters can be monitored and controlled. Hence the system is advisable for each plant size, no matter if it is a single digit kW plant or a huge plant with many MWs.

Switch and measure consumers
You can switch consumers comfortably and automatic via LAN or WLAN and hence increase your self-consumption.

Monitoring on-site and via internet
At home or on the road, with a PC or Tablet you can always keep an eye on your plant and your consumers. Current measure values as well as day, month and year view in the long-term storage can be shown in own presentations on a big screen.

Smart Grid Ready Heat Pump
With the Smart Grid Ready Heat Pump function, you can use your PV yields optimally four your heat pump. Through the two digital outputs, the operating mode will be controlled depending on the excess PV yield.

Customers say


„Our experiences are good“, says Florian Schmölz from the Deutschen Umweltberatung GmbH & Co KG (German environmental advice GmbH & Co KG), “the set-up was very easy, the installation time has significantly been decreased. We have decided for the installation of the AS EnergyMaster because of the easy handling and the manifold configuration possibilities.” A laptop is not required for on-site commissioning, as the inverters will be detected automatically at the touch of a button. That offers  significant time savings.





Also Michael Große Beckmann from SK Solar Energy GmbH is convinced: „The main advantages form e are the combined monitoring and load management.“ Furthermore the reliability is outstanding. “As soon as the AS EnergyMaster operates, it works absolutely fine.”





“Awesome, the EnergyMaster simply regulates everything“, Alexander Wagner from Elektrotechnik Meyer in Steyerberg sits back and relaxes. The PV professional is delighted by the AS EnergyMaster. The all-rounder with its manifold regulation and control possibilities, which significantly increases the efficiency of PV plants, also convinces because of its diverse advantages. “The installation already is tremendously simple and the technical application areas are outstanding”, says Wagner. “The control possibilities, which are important for the 70% regulation, the totally automatic load management, the numerous connection possibilities via eight digital inputs and the huge amount of inverters, which can be monitored with the EnergyMaster – that are quite a lot of advantages! I have already either sold or uses myself 10 EnergyMasters.”

AS Portal

The AS Portal is the functional online platform where you can access your saved system data and gain as-control kind-ipad_1024current as well as old information on your plant and your consumers.

The website is self-explanatory, clearly structured and has a visually appealing design.  Additionally it is available in three different languages, English, Dutch and German in order to make system monitoring as easy and intuitive to use as possible for you and your customers.

If you want to gain a test access to the AS Portal in order to see a practical example of the system monitoring, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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