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The solar markets are changing – we are finally close to grid parity and even reached it by now in some countries – so there is a huge interest and demand for photovoltaic power self-consumption and storage systems, but also in energy saving issues. So this is what AS Solar is currently focusing on.

We provide you with solutions for power – heating - lighting. You can find our special offers on Fronius and SMA inverters, as well as latest news on technical developments. Furthermore we introduce our additions to the product portfolio, such as LED products, made in Germany, which are ideal for large rooms and halls. Furthermore we offer you LED leasing. Together with experienced and trusted financial partners we secure your future lighting today: You hire value and save immediately!

Photovoltaic self-consumption – we are proud to inform you that our products in the field of storage technology are leading. The SMA Sunny-Island interacts directly with the Sunny Home Manager and with a corresponding battery; it brings a significant improvement for the self-consumption rate. The storage system S10 made by E3/DC , which we distribute as main partner, is well recognized by our customers. With this system peak values up to 75% of self-consumption have already been achieved. Therefore it is possible to cover more than half of your own electricity consumption by solar energy with the S10. The 3-phase version for the European market will be available in fall 2013.

Let us continue to write this kind of success stories together. We at AS Solar look forward to a prosperous future with you. Trust and reliability are the important pillars of our partnership. Even in times when the discussion on possible punitive tariffs for modules from China arises and when many experts expect shortages of supply, we can provide you with our quality products. We took the time to recognize the signs of the changing markets and acted with foresight, so you can rely on our products. Talk to us about your individual solution for power – heating - lighting.

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Gerd Pommerien
Managing Director

Punitive tariffs on modules from China - No reason for uncertainty

AS Solar - your reliable partner: Solutions for Power-heating-lighting

The current discussion about potential punitive duties on solar products from China is influencing the world market, since the pending court decision could also have retroactive financial effects. Since early March, all imported solar panels were recorded and guaranteed payments had to be made. Therefore the European traders hesitate to import goods from China and modules are only available with limited access. Some module manufacturers have already increased their prices.

As a partner of AS Solar you can feel relieved: As we have anticipated this development, we ordered extensive quantities of modules on time. You can benefit now. The modules available are of international quality - of our well-known brand manufacturers such as REC (Singapore), Hanwha, LG (South Korea), and also Panasonic (Hungary). Further products include German manufacturers such as SOLON, Q-Cells and SOLARWATT - at attractive prices.

rec 200x100 hanwha 200x100 lg 200x100 panasonic 200x100
solon 200x100 q-cells 200x100 solarwatt 200x100

AS Solar presents itself once again as foresighted and competent partner who deserves your trust. We will support you with planning, technical support and also targeted and successful marketing actions.

Current information about our module portfolio can be found here.

Special offers:

Take advantage of our special offer and save money if you buy during the promotion period from 01st of May until 31st of May, 2013. Buy ten SolarEdge Power Optimizers and pay the price for nine pieces. The Power Optimizer boxes of SolarEdge secure the maximum power output of the PV system.

We offer you Fronius and SMA inverters for the following prices:

Fronius inverters


IG Plus 100V-3

1.450,00 EUR


IG Plus 60V-2 DK

1.300,00 EUR

not for Germany


IG Plus 60V-3

1.350,00 EUR

not for Germany


IG Plus 35V-1 EU

700,00 EUR

not for Denmark


IG TL 3.0

700,00 EUR

not for Germany


IG TL 3.6 

750,00 EUR

SMA inverters


Sunny Boy 3300

799,00 EUR

not for Germany


Sunny Boy 4000TL-20 Multi String B

820,00 EUR


SMC 8000TL

835,55 EUR

not for Germany

Prices are valid as long as stock lasts.

AS EnergyMaster – advanced monitoring for your PV system


Compliments to the AS EnergyMaster by our clients - the monitoring system with a wide range of possibilities increases the efficiency of your photovoltaic systems. The simple handling is just one of many arguments in favour of the EnergyMaster as plant supervisor. "Our experiences are very good," said Florian Schmölz of the company "Deutsche Umweltberatung GmbH & Co. KG", "the installation was simple and therefore installation time was reduced substantially. We decided in favour of the AS EnergyMaster because of the simple handling and extensive configuration options for the installation". There is no laptop needed for the installation on site, since the inverters are being recognized automatically by pressing a single button.

The various applications of the AS EnergyMaster are continuously being extended by the AS Solar developers. Not only inverters from the well-known manufacturers SMA or Kostal can be connected, but now also Solarmax inverter can be read and controlled through the Ethernet interface. Network sockets (LAN / WLAN) can be controlled to switch individual appliances. Like this, the self-consumption rate can be increased significantly. If necessary, several sensors can be connected in addition to receive an extended data collection.

The future starts here with the new PV inverter PIKO 3.0 from KOSTAL Solar Electric


The PV inverter PIKO 3.0 from KOSTAL Solar Electric is now available in a new, future-oriented design. With it, the Freiburg-based company is addressing the current requirements of the photovoltaic market and thereby reflects the brand philosophy of "Smart connections." both in a visual and a technical respect.

Functional improvements were realised in the process, which simplify both installation and operation, while also increasing the degree of efficiency. In concrete terms this involves the graphic display with three capacitive buttons, which, serving as an interface, simplify operation and commissioning. The interfaces familiar from and proven with current PIKOs, such as TCP/IP for the laptop or the PIKO portal, the connection of a ripple control receiver and the integrated data logging have been maintained and are delivered with each device as a standard.

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New inverter layout software PIKO Plan 2.0 from KOSTAL Solar Electric available now

With the new PIKO Plan 2.0, KOSTAL Solar Electric has developed software to replace the existing PIKO Plan program based on Excel and simplify the laying out of inverters for installers with user-friendly handling. Taking the entered system data into account, the user is provided with a recommendation for a PIKO inverter that is tailored to the planned PV system.

PIKO Plan 2.0 also offers other advantages: Once the number of solar modules or the desired kWp power, as well as the layout and inclination of the individual roof areas are entered, the software determines, among other factors, the connection of the individual strings to the inputs of the PIKO inverters, which further simplifies layout work. The program offers many new features and is available free of charge for download:

New storage solution: Sunny Island 6.0H

The Sunny Island made by SMA provides additional solution for optimized self-consumption. A huge advantage: It is also suitable to retrofit existing PV systems. The battery inverter matches all plant sizes and types of inverters and it can also integrate other renewable energy systems, such as small wind turbines, water power plants and combined heat and power plants according to local conditions in the storage system.

Together with the Sunny Home Manager the Sunny Island automatically ensures the best use of solar energy. The interim storage of the PV energy is controlled so that the household does not have to receive or feed in power from or to the public grid, if this is possible.

With the Sunny Island you can adopt the inverter output precisely to match your system’s requirements. Your AS Solar advisor provides you with a complete package including Sunny Island, Sunny Home Manager and a battery of Hoppecke. Please contact us for more information.

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LG Mono XTM NeoN

LG offers the new NeoN modules with 280 to 300 Wp and 60 cells as a real power pack. Through numerous technical improvements, the energy yield increases at lower system cost and with an attractive design. Using amongst others N-type silicon and improvements in the back-side contacts of the cells, the efficiency of the modules is increased to 18.3%. This design ensures a higher yield especially in the morning and evening hours.

Modules of 280 Wp power class have been available since the beginning of April, the other power classes are coming soon.

Schletter mounting innovations


schletter alugrid hsl zusatzstuetze 200
The AluGrid mounting system actually comes up with two innovations: With the new design of the continuous beams, the mounting of an EPDM surface protection element will be substantially easier. Which mounting version to choose, depends on the roof sheeting.

AluGrid now is also equipped for heavy snow loads. It can be configured to withstand greater forces than 2.4 kN/m² in regions with higher snow loads - i.e. up to 5.4 kN/m². This is achieved by using an additional support with AluGrid and AluGrid+.

With this Rapid cross-connector, all benefits of the Rapid system can now also be leveraged by the cross rail system. The Rapid cross connector can be fastened to any rail which has a Schletter click channel M8. One central fastening point with a single bolt guarantees quick assembly.

SlatePlan is the latest Schletter product designed to fasten hanger bolts on shingle roofing, e.g. of bitumen, fibre cement or slate. SlatePlan is integrated into an existing shingle roof to seal holes in the roofing drilled to accomodate hanger bolts.

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Solar tracking - the next generation

Deger introduces the latest generation of dual-axis solar tracking systems. The implementation of innovative concepts makes DEGER tracking systems even more distinctive in the market. Among others you benefit from shorter installation times resulting from the prefabricated wiring, or the all new rotating head geometry, which is unique on the market. Further goals of the new development have been a price reduction, further improved quality and even further increased yields. This is Deger’s contribution for the future of PV tracking systems. The systems 5000HD, 6000NT and 9000NT are replaced by the systems D60H, D80 and D100.

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Picture: DEGERtracker in Ancient Olympia, Greece, DEGERenergie

LED tubes – leasing with AS Solar

In many fields, the payment method of leasing has already been proven. Now we offer our customers a leasing option for our LED products. This is an important step towards the future of innovative lighting without tying up much capital today. Lease and use your added value - you save right now.

With the leasing of LED tubes no capital is bound, you only pay rates through the energy savings cost. The amount of the lease payments is set out from the beginning and is not subject to interest rate fluctuations.

AS Solar is your trusted partner. We provide competent and experienced leasing providers. The foundation for this is your specific offer that can be submitted along with information about the company to be equipped directly via email or fax.

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Visit us at the ENERGY EUROPE trade fair in Copenhagen from 23rd – 25th of May 2013. You will find us in Hall C2 at the Booth 010. Find out about our latest products and concepts for the residential and commercial sector. The ENERGY EUROPE is an important international marketplace for renewable energy especially for the Scandinavian but also the Eastern European markets.

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