E3/DC Energy Storage S10

Make yourself independent from your electricity supplier and the ever increasing electricity costs!

Battery storage systems are designed to store and, when required,  release the energy which has been produced by a photovoltaic plant. The fact, that the photovoltaic energy is produced during the day, however the energy mainly is needed in the evenings, usually ment a rather little self-consumption of the produced electricity. With a battery storage system you now have the possibility to also use your PV energy at night time. The share of the self-consumed solar energy hence can increase by up to 75%, depending on the local conditions.




e3dc speichersystem funktionsweiseEasy to use


The E3/DC can be installed centrally and easily (“Mount and use”). The device is interconnected between the electricity grid and the in-house network and your house network with all existing plugs and consumers remains untouched.

Highest possible degree of indepedency


During the day, the solar modules charge the battery and store the solar energy less the daily consumption. The electricity which is not used for own-consumption and which can not be stored any further will be fed into the grid. At night times, the battery feeds the electricity out and only additional needed electricity will be received from the grid. (especially during winter and for peak loads).

s10-hauskraftwerk offen 1024Save costs


The optimal energy flow for all consumers on all phases becomes possible through the completely automatic measuring of all energy flows and ensures the maximum cost savings due to avoided electricity costs. Hence it is possible to decrease the total energy costs by up to 50%, unrespectable of the electricity costs, because those are mainly put off.


The S10 power supply station supports the decentralized part of the house technology. It has been designed for private homes and micro-business with an annual consumption of up to 6000 kWh. The system includes battery and inverter and offers a compact optical unit with nice design.